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Helping You Thrive Through the
Hardship of the (In)Fertility Journey
to Feel Like Yourself Again

Hello and Welcome to Moonstone Fertility!

We are glad to be on this journey with you!



You are here because...

You're hit hard by the hope and the crash of (in)fertility

Making plans for your life has become impossible

You're losing who you are

Fertility has taking over your mind

Trying to have a baby is no longer fun

You're angry with your body

You're feeling alone

The fertility journey can be hard, really hard! 1 in 6 couples have trouble conceiving. Yet, nobody is prepared to deal with the uncertainty, the pain, and time and money spent wondering if they will ever be able to have the family they dream of.

 Take a deep breath. We are here to help.

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Integrative Fertility Support

Moonstone Fertility is a Saskatchewan-based mind-body fertility practice that offers a variety of fertility-focused groups and workshops to support individuals and couples looking to achieve pregnancy through IVF/Fertility Treatments, surrogacy, naturally and more. Our inclusive groups and workshops are crafted with the most current evidence-based knowledge in the practice of mental health, integrative therapies, mind-body techniques and fertility therapy. 

Moonstone Fertility was founded by Valérie Grenier (right) and Jessi Nesbitt (left)–a team of Registered Psychologists and Mind-Body Fertility Therapists who are passionate about helping individuals and couples follow their dreams of creating their own family, as well as to feel empowered and supported in the process.

Our Offerings
Mind-Body Fertility Services

No matter where you are on your (in)fertility journey!

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