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Elevating Fertility: 
An Ultimate Preparation for IVF

If you are undergoing fertility treatments and you are feeling overwhelmed and scared, please know that you are not alone! Fertility treatments can be physically grueling, and emotionally exhausting. In fact, IVF treatments have been rated as more stressful than, or as stressful as any other difficult life events like major losses.


Yet, it's possible to undergo fertility treatments feeling emotionally and mentally prepared. This is what this program will help you with. We will help you alleviate your fears and stress. 

We want you to have to best outcomes with us. Therefore we will be sending you home with two bonuses:

- An audio recording of Yoga Nidra for Fertility by Lisa Gravelis, Yoga Nidra Instructor (

- A video recording of a Fertility Yoga practice with Madolyn Linka, Chiropractor, Acupuncture Provider, and Yoga Instructor.

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DATES: Fall 2022


TIME: 6pm 8pm (CST)

WHERE: Due to COVID-19, we will meet online via a secure video conferencing platform

COST: $350

           Early bird rate $300 until March 12th. 


The cost of this group can be reimbursed by your benefits. We encourage you to contact your provider to inquire.

Please note: Space is limited to 10 participants

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