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Mind-Body Medicine

An Integrated approach for a best possible chance of conceiving

Tools that will help you in all aspect of your life

Evidence Based Interventions, Grounded in Science

Fertility can be supported when the mind and body move back in their natural state of balance. Emphasizing on the science between these two, our offerings bring you a transformational experience to mitigate the impact that (in)fertility issues have on your wellbeing. While many of us struggle, it’s important to know that we can make a positive shift by changing our mental and emotional landscapes. Unfortunately, the role of the mind and the emotions (in)fertility is a vital one that is often overlooked. Therefore, we use powerful practices of mind/body medicine to help you feel better on your (in)fertility journey.


Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-Body Medicine refers to the interaction between our mind, body, and behaviour. Its intent is to use the mind to change our physiology, promote health, or recover from illness. Mind-body medicine has shown to be extremely helpful in not only reducing the negative impact of (in)fertility but also increasing pregnancy rates (Domar et al., 2011).

Interventions include:

  • Techniques that induce the relaxation response including mindfulness, body scan, deep breathing, guided imagery, and yoga.

  • Coping skills such as self-compassion practices, emotional expression, radical acceptance, ego strengthening, and problem-solving.

  • Cognitive therapy to challenge and replace thought patterns that create negative emotional states and distress. 

  • Strategies to promote and restore mind-body connection. 

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