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Frequently Asked Questions


Where does Moonstone offer services?

At the moment, our services are offered online and in-person in Saskatchewan, Canada.

I don't live in Saskatchewan. Can I still sign up for Moonstone's online groups and workshops?

Not yet!  

Can I claim Moonstone services on my insurance?

We are two registered psychologists and usually, our services are covered by Saskatchewan insurance companies. However, each insurance package is different and coverage may vary for services like counselling groups, and workshops. We invite everyone to contact their provider to inquire.


Receipts can also be used as a tax break through the Canadian government at the end of the year, as it is considered to be an eligible medical expense on your tax return. 

Does Moonstone offer direct billing?

No, we do not offer direct billling on our services and offerings. However, we do offer receipts that can be submitted to insurance providers. Please contact your insurance provider to know if our services are included in your coverage.


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