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Mind-Body Fertility Workshop

Nurturing. Supportive. Grounding

​Our Mind-Body Fertility Workshop is a full day event that includes our favorite foundational elements of our Restoring Fertility program along with unique transformational skills. It will help improve your journey, and provide you with:

  • A collection of proven and unique mind body techniques that will leave you feeling grounded, and energized

  • A mindset that optimizes your fertility, and well-being

  • An increased sense of control, which will leave you feeling stronger and more positive

  • A feeling of connection with other amazing women who get the struggle of trying to conceive


We are also extremely happy to send you home with a audio recording of Yoga Nidra for Fertility by Lisa Gravelis, Yoga Nidra Instructor (

For a detailed layout of the workshop, check out below for the Schedule

Next workshop information

DATES: Saturday November 26th 2022

TIME: 9am to 4:30pm (CST)

LOCATION: Due to COVID-19, we will meet online via a secure video conferencing platform

COST: $350 per person (cost includes bonus take home materials)

Early Bird : $300, until November 19th

The cost of this workshop can be reimbursed by your benefits. We encourage you to contact your provider to inquire.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to find out more information on this workshop.



Connection, healing and support flow strongly when women come together to share their fertility struggles and journey. Especially when in an supportive and safe space where you are welcomed and accepted. Confidentiality and privacy are held highly by all group members (there will be a consent/confidentiality agreement within the group). Your privacy and story will be respected. We promote natural and flowing conversation, connection and emotional transformation. We pride ourselves in allowing people to share when they are comfortable- you will never be forced to talk.

Please note: Space is limited to 9 participants


The workshop is structured as follow:

  • Introductions, Orientation, Workshop Guidelines

  • The Fertility Journey

  • Break

  • Understanding the Body's Response To Fertility Stress

  • Grounding Exercise & Fertile Body Guided Imagery 

  • Lunch & Discussion

  • Transforming Fear

  • Removing Mental Blocks

  • Fertile Body Guided Imagery

  • Break

  • Fertility Yin Yoga

  • Closing Circle

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