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Stronger Together

Reignite Your Intimacy, Deepen Your Bond

The fertility journey can challenge relationships in ways few other experiences can, even for the strongest relationships. Learning to navigate together the disappointments, differences in responses, stress, fears, and financial pressure, while supporting one another can be quite difficult. It can put an enormous strain on relationships, and hijack intimacy, and sex (infertility doesn't feel too sexy, right?). However, it can also strengthen relationships and bring spouses closer together. For that to happen, it’s important to look for ways to nurture your relationship, and make it a priority. This is what our Stronger Together workshop is about!


It is intended for all committed relationships: whether married and unmarried, and regardless of sexual orientation and age! It is helpful whether you’re trying on your own, receiving treatments from the fertility clinic, accepting egg/sperm donation, embryo adoption, or surrogacy as part of your path to parenthood.

In this workshop you and your partner will discover tools to:

  • Transform a relationship centered on the stress of infertility, to one centered around love, peace, compassion and harmony,

  • Practice new skills that will promote a deeper understanding and commitment to each other,

  • Move into patterns of communication that will leave you both feeling empowered and unified,

  • Bring back fun and pleasure in the bedroom.

Next workshop information

DATES: To be determined

TIME: To be determined

LOCATION: To be determined

COST: $425 per couple

           Early bird rate: $300

The cost of this workshop can be reimbursed by your benefits. We encourage you to contact your provider to inquire.

Please contact us if you have additional questions or if you are not sure whether this workshop is appropriate for you.

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