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Navigating The Holidays

Let's Find Peace Together


Are you:

  • Wondering how you get through the next few weeks?

  • Feeling deep grief because another year has gone by, and still no baby?​

  • Feeling torned between going to gatherings, and skipping all social events?

  • Worried to hear questions like "When will you start a family", or "Are you pregnant yet?"

  • Upset that people expect gifts from you when you're trying to save for fertility treatments?

Yes, the Holidays suck when you are trying to conceive! It comes with an internal and external pressure to show up, to celebrate and to feel joyful. It adds additional emotional stress to an already complicated situation. 

Our annual Navigating The Holidays workshop will provide you room to nurture yourself, to breathe. It will help you to:

  • Learn tips and tools for navigating this time of the year. 

  • Consider different sources of hope, encouragement, and meaning

  • Decide what you are willing to share, and to whom

  • Set boundaries, and honor yourself (Yes, it's okay to say no!)

  • A feeling of connection with others brave women who are in the same fight as you


This workshop is specifically designed for those facing fertility challenges who are not currently pregnant.


Next workshop information

Date and time for this workshop will be announced in the fall of 2024

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