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How Community Can Benefit Your (In)fertility Journey

Although the heaviness of (in)fertility can make us want to hide away, there are many benefits being part of a safe community brings to this journey. Connecting to a supportive environment of other women going through a similar experience creates a safe space for validation. A judgment and shame-free community create an environment for authentic connection that can aid in personal healing and rest for both our mind and body. All questions can be voiced, heard, and answered without fear of unhelpful comments. The heaviness can be lifted together in a safe and healing way.

(In)fertility can feel like a roller coaster.

The ups and downs can create a sense of emotional whiplash, especially when managing a day-to-day job, tasks, and relationships on top of the stress that TTC can bring.

Spouses or partners can understand these burdens and struggles to a certain point, but the conversation can become heavy for only two to carry. Seeing our best friends and family being able to conceive and raise their babies or get pregnant while we walk this entirely different path can leave us with feelings of loneliness and uncertainty.

The beautiful thing about the (in)fertility journey is that we are not alone, no matter how lonely it may feel—finding a safe community while TTC is an essential and beautiful part of this road (or roller coaster).

Community support, and connection to others who see and hear us in these vulnerable parts of ourselves, who can understand and show us empathy, creates a chance to connect not only to each other but also to ourselves.

Imagine, instead of being on this wild, whiplash-inducing roller coaster of TTC alone, we now have a supportive community. Some on this journey know which twists and turns are coming, and some can help us find different ways to cope, breathe and maybe even laugh (or scream) as we continue this crazy ride.

If you haven't found your community yet, we would love for you to be a part of ours.

We provide a space for connection with others in the same fight as you. A nurturing fertility community where you can feel heard, seen, supported, and validated.

Join us on social media and our mailing list to stay updated on all our offerings and ways to participate in the Moonstone Fertility community.

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