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Why Mind-Body Connection is Crucial During Your Fertility Journey

The fertility journey can be beautiful, yet challenging, frustrating and filled with hurt. Many couples struggle with infertility, unsuccessful fertility treatments, loss, and grief throughout their journey–and there is no denying the physical, mental and emotional toll this can take on individuals and couples.

At times during your fertility journey, it may feel as if the goal post keeps moving further and further, like hopefulness is constantly followed by disappointment and staying positive seems next to impossible. Maybe your mind has become your own personal bully and you feel like your body is betraying you time and time again. When you feel disconnected and empty, this is your mind and body sending a smoke signal. It's time to explore your mind-body connection and heal and repair their relationship.

What does mind-body connection mean?

Mind-body connection is the relationship between the mind, thoughts and feelings and the body. The mind and body communicate with each other through chemical and physical messengers, such as neurotransmitters and hormones. These are affected by thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and even traumas. Mind-Body Connection is the belief that the development and outcomes of physical illness can be attributed to the interaction of psychological, social factors and biological factors.

Why is mind-body connection important for fertility?

Research shows that that mental processes have a physiological effect. When the mind is filled with negative thoughts and stress, it distributes those signals throughout the body and can negatively impact fertility.

Again, it is no secret that the fertility journey can be accompanied by negative effects physically, emotionally and psychologically. These negative effects can throw the mind and body off balance and prevent successful conception, pregnancy or IVF treatments. "Exploring mind body connection can help move the mind and body back to a state of balance to help optimize fertility," says Jessi Nesbitt, M.Ed, Registered Psychologist and co-founder of Moonstone Fertility. "It can also reduce the negative impact of a hard journey and hard treatments coming up." Mind body connection is crucial in promoting and improving fertility in those who are trying to conceive.

How can I strengthen my mind-body connection? How can I use mind-body therapy to maximize my fertility?

Mind body fertility therapy uses the mind body approach (mind body medicine) to help strengthen mind-body connection. These are evidence-based interventions that directly focus on reducing the negative impact of (in)fertility, increasing chances of pregnancy and maximizing fertility.

At Moonstone Fertility, we offer various mind-body fertility workshops that use strategies to promote mind-body connection, such as mindfulness, breathing and relaxation techniques, cognitive therapy, coping skills and more. Led by registered psychologists, Valerie Grenier, R.Psych and Jessi Nesbitt, M.Ed, Moonstone's mind-body workshops provide healing, support and guided therapy techniques to help individuals and couples during all stages of their fertility journey.

Ready to delve deep into mind-body connection?

*Please note, Moonstone's workshops are only available to Saskatchewan residents at this time.

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