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What is Conscious Fertility?

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Conscious Fertility (also known as Conscious Conception) is a holistic approach to preparing your mind, body and soul to welcome a child. This process acknowledges that becoming pregnant is more than a physical act, but also a mental, emotional and spiritual experience involving the mother, father and child. Conscious conception creates a space to work through any fears, worries or stress attached to fertility, conception and pregnancy.


How does conscious conception align with Mind Body Fertility?

Like Mind Body Fertility Therapy, Conscious Conception focuses heavily on connection. Connection to yourself, your partner, if you have one, and the connection to your mind and body. Conscious conception honours this divine connection and journey you are on through fertility to motherhood.

Conscious Fertility uses mind-body approaches, such as meditation and therapy, to help manage and eliminate stress caused by fertility treatments, infertility, relationship or mental health struggles, and any other factors that may be creating internal blockages throughout your journey to conception. Mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques and emotional coping strategies allow you to take a deeper internal look at what you may be carrying in your mind and body and allow you to address it in a healthy way that welcomes conception and pregnancy.


The premise of conscious fertility and conception is to understand the power in our own inner programming. What is happening in the mind affects the body and vice versa. When the mind is clouded with stress, negativity and hopelessness, it echoes these feelings through the body. However, when the mind, body and spirit are cleared from past patterning and we are able to learn how to cope and work through our stress and negative thoughts/feelings, we can become clear vessels. We can restore physiological and mental well-being, and increase chances of conceiving. Conscious fertility/conscious conception allows you to stop doing and start being. Pressure is alleviate and it makes room to breathe again.

Mind Body Fertility Workshops in Saskatchewan

For more information on how Moonstone can help you on your fertility journey, check out our workshops and service offerings. We offer Mind Body Fertility workshops in Saskatchewan.

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